Logo Design


PartiBot is a telepresence robot distributor based in California who markets itself to those who cannot attend important events like weddings or celebrations due to things like distance or immobility. The distributors at PartiBot wished to present themselves as a high-tech, reliable, and fun solution to unavailability. Due to its roots in minimalist design, Helvetica was chosen for the typeface to communicate a sense of simplicity, ease, reliability, and technology. Since telepresence robots are generally unheard of, especially to this market, the founders of PartiBot wanted to be clear in what exactly a PartiBot does. I wanted to show that the user of the robot could be as much of a member of the party as anyone without being actually being there, so I used the symbol of a robot with a wine glass to communicate a sense of being part of the fun. The user of a PartiBot can control and view through the robot's camera via an iPad, hence the smiling iPad head holding a wine glass. With a PartiBot, the user can share in the fun of any celebration without having to travel.

Powered by robots created by the team at Double Robotics, PartiBot (shown below) consists of an iPad screen connected to a remote controllable set of wheels.