Brand Identity


LumberUnion is a Seattle-based clothing brand focusing on high quality basics created using environmenally sustainable practices and American manufacturing, with whom I worked with during the latter half of 2019. I was put in charge of visually recreating the brand, taking it from a formerly rugged, lumberjack-esque look and feel and recreating it with a new vision of an elevated, high end, metropolitan, authentically Pacific Northwestern brand. In order to create this new look, it was essential that I capture the essences of what makes the urban Pacific Northwest what it is, visually telling the story of a culture proud of its forested natural environment yet with a voice that speaks to its big city lifestyle, tech-heavy industry, and forward-thinking mindset. In addition to this conundrum, the brand also had to speak to a sense of craftsmanship, simplicity, and responsibility. Because there is a fine line between conveying only notes of "natural environment" versus conveying "outdoors brand", my solution to convey this complex set of character traits was one that employed a heavy hand of minimalism, with a focus not on adding decoration or elements that call attention, but on letting content exist within a space that subtly nods to these elements. This subtle space is communicated through background textures, and balanced with elements that refer to the craftsmanship required to create a piece of quality clothing such as stitching motifs created with unique, organically textured shapes.