Branding & Packaging


Golden Chariot Coffee Roasters is a fictional Seattle-based coffee roastery with a brand identity centered around the theme of the ancient Greek god Helios (also known as Apollo) carrying the sun into the sky every morning on a golden chariot, much like a cup of coffee rings in the morning for millions of people every day. The lettering of the logo was done by hand, as was the illustration of Helios and his chariot of horses. The pattern on the side of the packaging, which depicts a circle inscribed within another circle, is actually an ancient Greek symbol of the sun. This packaging was unique because I designed within it a system consisting of a basket and hopper that, when a tab on the side was pulled, would dispense from the bottom of the bag exactly one tablespoon of coffee grinds, eliminating the need to wash your hands of coffee dust after reaching your hands into a bag of coffee grinds.